Rewind day 8: The art of the brick

Our campsite was right on the Ottawa River.

We left the Rockies days ago, but there is still ash on every surface of the car.

On the way home we stopped at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. The special exhibit was The Art of the Brick. It featured art made from LEGO bricks.

The regular exhibit included a whole section on Canadian travel and the TransCanada Highway. It’s like they knew we were coming!

They also have a wheel you can spin to see what Canadian adventure you should try next.

I spun it twice.

Oh my!

We had gelato and bagels for dinner and headed home.

Some stats:

  • Woodchuck: 1
  • Deer: 3
  • Total distance: 11,598.9 km

Day 1: The first stars

Well we got everything for 6 people the car and you can still see out the back window. I’d say that’s a win.

Somewhere between Montreal and Ottawa

We crossed the Quebec-Ontario border before dinner. But we had left a bit late and only got to the campground at around 10.

Sunset in Ontario

We saw our first stars from the car, just as the tree line started changing from Southern Ontario to Central Ontario.

Somewhere past Petawawa

My older kids have been camping with their scout group but this was a first for my 5-year-old.

We stayed at Driftwood Bay Provincial Park. There were lots of empty sites so it was pretty quiet. Also, they have laundry which is a bit posh for camping. And chipmunks.

We had the whole site set up in about 20 minutes, in the dark. (I will blog about how much I love my tent soon. )

Then bed. It was a clear night and you could see the stars through the roof of the tent.

Driftwood Bay on the Ottawa River

There were some pretty big mosquitoes. Not everyone was ok with that.

Kid #3: Where are we going next?

Me: North Bay.

Kid # 3: Do they have hotels there?

Total distance so far: 570 km

Four pairs of boots